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‘Maggies Leap’, the latest craft beer to emerge from the Whitewater Brewing Co. Limited stable.

Craft beers from the Kilkeel-based brewery are being showcased by the Hastings Hotels Group as part of its drive to promote locally produced food and drink.

“Northern Ireland is famous for its excellent food and drink, and products from the Whitewater Brewery are already proving popular in the export markets.

“2016 is Northern Ireland’s Year of Food and I have no doubt that the excellent reputation already established by Whitewater’s award winning products will be further enhanced by this latest addition to its range.”

‘Maggies Leap’ was launched at the Slieve Donard Resort & Spa. Speaking at the launch, Howard Hastings said: “Hastings hotels are proud to be working with Bernard Sloan and his Whitewater Brewery as part of our philosophy of showcasing the best of local food and drink from Northern Ireland.”

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  • Sean says:

    What shops sell maggies leap?

  • Rob says:

    I had the IPA in Belfast on a recent vacation. It was excellent! I tried to buy my glass but wasn’t successful.

  • Tom Mooney says:

    Just had a couple of pints in Cafe En Seine, Dublin. Fabulous beer! Cheers!

  • Alison Palmer says:

    I would like to buy one of your glasses featureing Maggie’s leap

  • Norman Quail says:

    Just tried Maggie’s leap really smooth pint

  • Ivan Currie says:

    It was a delight and a surprise to come across Maggies Leap IPA while on board the P & O Cruise Ship Brittania during a recent Caribbean Cruise. Full of flavour and totally refreshing, a superbly crafted beer. I will be in N. Ireland this weekend and will be on the look out for another one of your fantastic brews. I am originally from Gilford in Co. Down but left over 40 years ago to live in England.

  • Robert T Davis says:

    Had the pleasure of trying Maggie’s leap for the first time in Belfast while visiting from Chicago. Very impressed! You should seriously consider expansion. Fantastic Ipa!!

  • James Bryson says:

    Just had my first bottle and it is a snedder.Unfortunately i only bought one to try and will have to wait till the morra to get another.

  • Hanne Jensen says:

    Can I bye the beer in Denmark?

  • Alison Palmer says:

    Loved your beer when launched in horatio Todd’s and loved the glass it was served in. Are there any glasses for sale?

  • Ian Askew says:


    Love the beer, and the glasses are great design.

    Can you buy the glasses anywhere?

    Also, Grace Neills pub keep running out, make sure they order more, as it will get drunk…hehe


  • Ian Askew says:


    Love the beer, and the glasses are great design.

    Can you buy the glasses anywhere?

    Also, Grace Neills pub keep running out, make sure they order more, as it will get drunk…hehe


    • Bernard Sloan says:

      Hi Ian

      Sorry about the delay in our reply, busy busy times here at the brewery. Great to hear your enjoying Maggies Leap !!
      The Glasses are available to purchase from the Brewery itself if you fancy a wee trip over we’re here Mon-Fri 9am – 4pm.
      Give us a bit of notice if yours planning to come over just incase we are out of stock at that moment.

      Best regards

      • Carol says:

        Loved the maggies leap beer and glasses in Europa hotel in Belfast . Any glasses on hand if we stop by on June 26 ? Or t shirts or coasters ?

        • Bernard Sloan says:

          Hi Carol

          Great to hear you enjoyed our Maggies Leap. Yes we have T-shirts and glasses for sale at the brewery if you wish to call.


        • Graham says:

          Drinking your IPA in Kitchen Polly in Moscow. It gets two thumbs up from me. It will be my drink of choice in this restaurant.

        • Tony Robinson says:

          Enjoying a pint of Maggie’s leap in McHugh’s Belfast. A lovely pint which I would recommend to everyone. Keep up the good work.

  • Elma Rood says:

    Where can I purchase Maggie’s Leap glasses? I will be in Ireland this summer, but not in Northern Ireland

  • Jared Kennedy says:

    Love the beer. Can I get a Maggie’s leap glass anywhere?

  • Can’t wait to try this IPA when I’m next over in Newcastle County Down and what a great name for a beer I have just included the story of Maggie; daughter of Deegan a renowned poacher from ballyvaston killough County Down in my latest children’s book titled the boy and the boomerang from County Down, she is famous for out smarting a gang of soldiers who were chasing her because of her poaching escapades by jumping over a giant chasm with her basket of eggs, the chasm she jumped known now as Maggies leap is on the coast just south of Newcastle County Down

  • I would love to give you my full story of maggie the legend from County Down that I have just added to my latest published children’s book it’s a fabulous account of what really happened to Maggie and her family

  • Stevie campbell says:


    I live in fife but am originally from co. down. I was recently back home for a wedding and managed to taste your absolutely amazing ipa and to be honest I’m hoping you’re going to tell me that you ship to Scotland, …. and now you’re going to reply and tell me where I can pick up a batch of this beautiful nectar lol.


    Stevie campbell

  • Maggie Delahay says:

    I am heartbroken…. Whitehead Golf Club has stopped selling Maggie’s Leap and I absolutely love it… can I order some for collection? My brother lives quite close to you near Kilkeel… I would be in heaven if you could let me know when either he or I could call to collect some.

  • Chris says:

    I live in the USA but from Belfast, is there any other way to buy one of the glasses?? Would love to have a pair for special occasions like Thursdays 🙂

  • JD says:

    I’m in the states and enjoyed formidable on a recent trip to Ireland. Is it available here? Also your glassware and shirts, are they available on line for delivery here? Great logo. Drinking out of the one and only momento of night indulging in your fine beverage…

  • Joe Wilson says:

    Maggie’s Leap..
    Cracking beer.
    Do you do Brewery tours. If so when what times and how much.
    Ps. Keep up the good work.

  • Nick Bringhurst says:

    This is a cracking pint, are you supplying anyone in Scotland as I would love to get this back home !

  • Maggie says:

    Hey there! My buddy is a marine and he actually brought me back a glass from Maggie’s leap because that’s my name! Unfortunately I just broke it in the sink…
    🙁 are they available to be shipped? I loved it and used it all the time! Thanks!

  • Ann Mcneill says:

    Can you order directly from yourselves or call in to buy a crate of beer?

    • Bernard Sloan says:

      No, unfortunately we cannot sell to the public with our licensing laws. However, the off-license ‘KWM Wines’ offer an online service throughout the UK.

  • Brenda McEvoy says:

    I recently tasted maggies leap in a bar in Belfast and absolutely loved it I was just wanting to know is there any off licences who stock it.

  • Richard says:

    Where can I get this beer in Tyrone??

  • Terence Norman says:

    Great pint,had quite a few pints in westville hotel county fermanagh while we were visiting.

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