Established 1996 on the fifth generation family farm amidst the spectacular Mourne Mountain range in the north of Ireland, Whitewater Brewery still retains the passion and desire to brew beers with fantastic flavours.

Through the years we’ve won awards, and our beers are recognised on the world stage… we built a microbrewery because we’re passionate about beer, and the awards, well they’re a bonus… so read on and see where the journey has taken us so far… and where its taking us in 2022

‘Our aim has, and always will be, to brew exciting, great tasting beers’

We started with an 800 Litre brew size and currently we’re handcrafting 6500 Litre brews and bottling our 10 different beers on site.

On 4th February 2016 we obtained Planning Permission to build a new brewery and after 20 years the next chapter begins. We’re expecting wild times ahead along with great beers… pick up a Whitewater and enjoy the journey.