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On the move 2018…

By 15th January 2019March 13th, 2020Uncategorised

February 2017, our new build nears completion inside and out.

Bernard Sloan

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  • Nick T says:


    It looks very modern. Inside and out. When is your new distillery in Castlewellan due to start?

  • Elma Rood says:

    I am coming to Ireland in August. I have rearranged my trip to
    purchase something with Maggie s Leap on it. Glass, tshirt, or hat. Please advise where I can purchase these. Is there a store at your brewery? I’m Belfast?? I would appreciate an answer. Reached out about 2 weeks ago, but no response. Thank you.

  • Elma Rood says:

    Hoping for answer.

    • Bernard Sloan says:

      Hi Elma

      Thanks for your enquiry and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
      We are just in the middle of rebranding and because of this the only item we have available at present with the new Maggies Leap logo is a glass.
      We do have some of the original Logo glasses along with some T-Shirts in limited sizes if this would be of interest.

      I hope this is of help and if can can do anything else just drop me a message.

      Best Regards


  • Gibson says:

    Good afternoon is or will the brewery be ready for a tour early October 2018
    Regards Audrey

  • Anthony Molloy says:

    hi There,
    I have a friend who lives in Oxford and I have been raving about your brews. I was wondering if it was possible to maybe purchase like 24 bottles of the various beers (say 4 bottles of each) to send to him? He is really into his beers and goes to all the beer festivals in his area etc but he has not seen your stuff. Would it be just as easy for me to go to the local off license or to you do like a variety box (im making it sound like a biscuit or now lol)?
    Any help you could give would be great, Im just trying to spread the Whitewater name cause I think your product is great 🙂

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